Privacy Preserving Tracking

This is a demo of a privacy-preserving analytics service that can cover a wide range of use-cases:

  • Unique visits and page loads.
  • Returning customers.
  • Goal conversion to track campaigns.
  • Cross site correlations.
  • In-site click-throughs.
  • Visits and time in page per user (without beacons).

Feel free to click around to simulate you are browsing the Web, you can use different browsers to act as different users.

The real-time analytics reports is available at Analytics Report Log.

(if it has little data, you can see a canned version of it)

We hope to showcase that server-side data aggregation by user is not actually needed. If your business is audience measurement, advertisement, analytics. It is possible to avoid using user tracking techniques, all information that you require can be gathered using client-side aggregation, which is free of side-effects. Check out the green-tracker agent). If your business is to really track users, then move along, nothing to see here.

After clicking around a bit you can see what green-trackers has "learned" about you: